Welcome to my website. This site is for information only.

I’m Mayah (pronounced “May-ah”), I’m a Celebrity Manager and PR-to-the-Stars. I have turned my 15 years experience to becoming a Publicity Coach, where I teach businesses all over the world how to do their own PR. I do this via my free Facebook group PR Go-Getters, as well as through my membership The Publicity Circle. Alongside this, I have courses, workshops and e-books to help you in various areas of PR.

I started my first business at the age of 16, where I began a handcrafted greeting cards and wedding stationery business by accident. I started the business whilst at college studying business but gave it up when I went to university in Bristol. I went to pursue my then dreams of becoming a primary teacher – which was never meant to be. However, some do say those skills have seen me well in my current career!

Leaving university and being a feisty 20-something year old, I decided to launch my own magazine, with no money, experience or contacts within the industry. But I wasn’t going to let something like that stop me! You can see a behind the scenes video of the magazine’s cover shoot filmed by Fashion TV clicking here and also here.

From there, I was head hunted by a TV station to work on their various campaigns. Whilst there, I went on to explore the world of PR and social media. This led me to work me to work with former Dragon’s Den star James Caan on his social media advisory team, click here. He was my first client.

Whilst working with James, I launched my own PR and Celebrity Management agency looking after some well known personalities from the world of showbiz, TV and business.

I am often told to wear sensible shoes (metaphorically as well as literally) as I keep falling into various projects. So whilst in PR and Celebrity Management, I also got the opportunity to pursue the following projects;

  • Getting bored of traditional networking events, I launched my own national networking events called Connect in the City, (to see more click here).
  • Being proud of my home city of Nottingham, I launched Nottingham Day (to see more click here).
  • I created UK’s National Motivation Day (to see more click here).
  • With my passion for helping people reaching their full potential, I helped people create their 5 year plans (to see more click here).
  • For nearly 7 years I worked as a business advisor and mentor for start ups and small businesses.

Whilst still having a hand in Celebrity Management and PR, I’m focusing my attentions more on teaching businesses how to become their own PR. I’m finding that seeing m businesses get featured in the press is much more rewarding than getting a celebrity on the cover of Hello! Magazine.

I also do business talks and available for panel discussions, podcast interviews. For more information, please feel free to get in touch.